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How do I do a baseline assessment / starting point for a new child?
How do I do a baseline assessment / starting point for a new child?

Learn how to create an assessment report and add a new child's development to the Summary table.

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There are 2 parts to completing a child's Baseline Assessment;

  1. Baseline Observation, to show the child's current level of development,

  2. Baseline Report, where you record the parents' comments and your assessment.

1. Baseline Observation

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Observations

Click New Observation, enter the Title and some detail in the Observation box.

Using the observations feature also gives you the option to add pictures and/or videos as evidence to your assessment. 

Click Link aspects of learning.

Try different views by changing Aspect to All to Age.

This is the All view, which lays out the development matters, age groups and statements clearly, making it easier to select the level for each statement.

Go through the aspects of learning, one by one and click Specialist support, Extra support or Good progress as per your assessment of the child. 

Clicking None will clear your selection if made in error.

Once complete click Finish at the bottom of the screen and;

Save - to return to your work and finish later, or
Save & Authorise - to complete and update the child's summary table.

Note: Remember to periodically click finish and save, so as to not lose your work.

Unticking the following will not send an email to the parent, if you have set-up a parent for this child in Parent Directory. However the observation will show on the Parent Portal.

2. Baseline Report

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Administration and select Reports

You will need to have created a Baseline Assessment template in Reports previously.

Click Assign Reports, select Baseline Assessment and assign to the child in question.

Update the report with the parents comments and your assessment.

The dropdown boxes above will reflect the Summary table, which was populated when you authorised your Baseline Observation, however you can change them if you wish.

At anytime, while completing the report, you can click;

Save - to save and edit later
Complete - to finish and send to parents (parent must be added to Parent Directory)
View PDF - to see what your report looks like
Reset attainment Level - to reset the dropdown boxes to match the table
Delete - to delete the report.

View PDF

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