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I've started using Kinderly Together, how do I update the Summary table for each child?
I've started using Kinderly Together, how do I update the Summary table for each child?

Learn how to show the child's current stage of development in Kinderly based on previous observations.

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For children that have been with you prior to starting with Kinderly Together, you can update the Summary table on their profile page to match your current tracker.

This doesn't mean you need to add all their previous observations individually, you can do this as one Starting with Kinderly observation.

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Observations

Click New Observation and select the child, enter Context and some information in the Observation box.

Note: Why not upload a photo of the child's current tracker, whether it be paper-based or from another provider.

Click Link aspects of learning.

Try different views by changing Aspect to All to Age.

This is the All view, which lays out the development matters, age groups and statements clearly, making it easier to select the level for each statement.

Go through the statements, one by one and click the levels to match your current tracker/progress sheet.

Once complete click Finish at the bottom of the screen and;

Save - to return to your work and finish later, or
โ€‹Save & Authorise - to complete and update the child's summary table.

Note: Remember to periodically click finish and save, so as to not lose your work.

Once authorised the table will update and show the child's current stage of development.

Clicking on any of the coloured squares will give you further detail on the observation. Also if any statements have not been observed.

Clicking any of the green bars above will open up the authorised observation.

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