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How does a parent comment on a report?
How does a parent comment on a report?

For commenting on reports assigned in the Reports section.

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Make sure the following box is included in your report templates.

How to check the report

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Reports.

If the report has been published and assigned it will be listed under List of reports left to complete.
Click the report, the comment box is at the bottom of the report.

Completed reports have already been sent to the Parent. So you might need to re-do them completely.

Note: If there is no Parents Comment box, you will need to add it to the template

How the parents comment

When you assign and send the report, the parent will receive an email containing the link, as below;

Upon clicking the link, they can enter their comments and click Submit.

Where you see the comment

You can see the comments by opening up the Completed Report at anytime.

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