For those times, when you observe a group of children and wish to enter the same information just once.

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Observations

Click New Observation

Click Add Children and select the relevant child(ren)

Once the children have been added, click Show Only Selected Children.

Add details

Context - the title of the observation
Date - the current date, can be changed if required
Time - the current time, can be changed if required
Observation - a short description about the observation.

Saving the group observation will create an individual observation for each child.

You can now select each individual observation and add statements according to that child.

Adding statements to the group observation

If the children in the observation are of the same age, you can also add the relevant statements as a group before saving.

Then when you click on the individual observations, you can change the level of the statement according to that child.

How do I de-authorise an observation?

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