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Create an Activity Plan or a Newsletter
Create an Activity Plan or a Newsletter

How to create a plan for the term or a newsletter, to send to parents.

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Create a plan for individual or multiple children, letting the parents know what activities the children will be involved in, whether as a group or individually.

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Observations.

Click New Observation

Add a Child

Select one or multiple children, by either clicking Add Children or typing in their names.

Click Add Children and select the relevant child(ren)

Once the children have been added, click Show Only Selected Children.

About the Plan

Context - the plan title, for example Plan for Winter Term, Plan for December, etc
Date - the current date, can be changed if required
Time - the current time, can be changed if required
Observation - enter what activities you have planned for the children.

Add Kinderly content (if relevant)

Any relevant Kinderly content can be added to the Observation box, from the dropdown.

Each item you select, is added to the Observation box.

To check the links, click Preview and click the link, this will open in a new window. To carry on with the observation, always change back to Edit.

Add Media

Add maybe a poster for an upcoming trip or a picture to go with your activities.

Adding Support Ideas per framework

If you are adding ideas for the group, click Link aspects of learning.

For each individual child, click Save which will create individual plans. Select the child's plan and click Link aspects of learning.

Try different views by changing Aspect to All or Age, to find the one that suits you or you could try finding a statement by typing in a word.

Find the aspects relevant to your activity plan and choose them as a Support Idea.

Once complete, click Finish at the bottom of the screen. 

You will return to the front page of the plan, where you can either;

Save - to complete later, or
Save & Authorise - to complete and update the Parent Portal. 

Note: Unticking the above, stops an email notification being sent to the parents. However, the plan will still upload to the Parent Portal.

What the Parent sees

The parent will see the plan in the Parent Portal and have the opportunity to comment directly.

When the parent clicks Post, a notification appears on your Admin Dashboard, so you can read what they wrote and reply, if you wish.

Child's Profile Page

The plan will be listed in the Observations tab, on the child's profile page.

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