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Where have ‘Next Steps’ gone?
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If you are using the Revised EYFS 2021 frameworks, you will notice that they no longer include Next Steps when you create an observation.

This is in line with the Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters guidance, which do not recommend statements being used as a checklist to steer each unique child through a prescribed path with required next steps.

Rather, next steps should be seen as the steps practitioners take to support the child in their particular stage of development.

We have therefore changed this section to Support Ideas - a series of examples and prompts, for what practitioners might do or provide, to support learning and development further.

They should be used as a support to help practitioners recognise and interpret what a child is showing at the present moment, give the child time to rehearse those skills, be ready to help enrich their experience and deepen and extend their learning.

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