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How does the Food Menu work?
How does the Food Menu work?

Watch the video, or follow the instructions, on how to add food items to the list to populate a menu or add to the daily diary.

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From the Admin Dashboard, expand Administration, select Food Menu

Type in the new food item in any field. Click on 'Add this as a new food'.

This will add the food item to your list for selection via the menu or direct to the daily diary. It will also be populated into the menu.

You can delete this food item from the field you entered it if not needed in that menu for the week. Simply click the 'x' against the item.

To populate the remainder of the menu, simply continue to type in the meals for each section. If the item exists you will be able to select this from the drop down suggestion list.

When you are complete with the menu please remember to click on the 'Save week' button to the top right of the page.

If you would like to save the menu as a template for use again, please provide a title for your menu and click on 'Save' against this to the bottom of the page.

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