From the left-hand menu, under Management select Recipients.

From here you can add or edit the recipients (parents, staff) of your documents, as well as linking their children, ready for when you wish to send a document or contract for that child.

To add a recipient (parent, staff) and/or children, simply click the +Add Recipient or +Add Child buttons and follow the on-screen instructions.


Not Set-up - The recipient has not yet set-up a password for their DigiDocs account.

Children Unverified - The recipient has not verified children associated to them.

Set-up complete - The recipient has set-up their account and verified any children, they are now able to access all documents you have sent them for that child.

Note: If you have previously added recipients while filling out a document, you will see them in this list too. However, only the children you have added since the new dashboard will appear here.

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