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How do I share a Learning Journal with parents?
How do I share a Learning Journal with parents?

My Learning Journal is too big to send via email.

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If the Learning Journal you have created is too large to share via email, you can upload this to cloud storage to share with the parents.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides a secure way to share documents with others.
Many cloud storage companies exist and most offer a starting platform which is free. Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are examples.

You would need to pick a cloud storage company that you would like to use and register for their starter/free platform.
The free options are normally limited by size, Google Drive is a good one as you get 15Gb free currently which is a large amount of space.

I will provide the steps on how to share the file using Google Drive.

Sharing a file using Google Drive

Creating a folder

Once you have a Google account, click on the dots to the top right of your screen, then click on the Icon for 'Drive'.

Click on 'New' to the top left of your screen.

In the options list choose 'Folder'. Name the folder with the child's name so it is clear who the data belongs to.
Click on 'Create'.

You will now have a folder of that name on your 'My Drive' page.

Uploading the Learning Journal

Click on the newly created folder to go into it.
Right click anywhere in the page and then choose the option 'File Upload'.

Sharing the folder with the parent/s

Once the file is uploaded, you will need to share this folder with the parents.
Right click on the folder name to the top of the page and choose 'Share'.

Ensure that access is set to 'Restricted'.

Enter in the email address for the parent (one at a time) that you wish to share the folder to in the 'Add people and groups' section.

Choose the level of access you wish to give them for the folder, this will include all folders and files held within this folder.

You can include an explanatory message to go with the link so they are aware it is valid.
Click on 'Send'.

The parents will then have access to this folder and the Learning Journal saved under it. They can download it locally or save it to their Google Drive (should they have one) as required.

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