We schedule payouts of your received donations to your bank account on a weekly basis, usually on Monday (Please refer to this Stripe's article to learn more about how they schedule payouts: https://stripe.com/docs/payouts#payout-schedule). Those donations received and are released from Stripes's secure payment processing procedure that make it to the weekly cut off will be included in the payout for the following week. Other donations that did not make it to the cutoff will be part of the subsequent payouts.

Stripes' payout speed depends on the payment type used for each donation. Credit cards are quick. ACH could take few business days. And bank (some banks may have quick transfer; some don’t).

In general, these are the steps every donation leading to payout has to go through. For more information, you can visit this link: https://stripe.com/docs/payouts#payout-speed

  1. Donor -> NP Stripe account

  2. NP Stripe account receive payment and include it to next payout when there is payout date

  3. Stripe processing payout and sending money

  4. Bank receiving money

Almost certainly, any donations received on Friday for any given week will not be included on payout on Monday of the following week.

You can view your payout history by going to Settings, then click on Payouts either on the dropdown or in the left navigation bar.

Note: Your workspace account needs to be fully verified and Stripe account set up before you can start receiving payouts.

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