It's sometimes better to just duplicate an existing fundraising campaign rather than starting from scratch. After you've generated a copy, all you have to do now is edit a few things and publish it, which will save you a lot of time.

Here's how you can duplicate a fundraising page:

  1. Log in to your workspace.

  2. Go to your fundraising pages if you are not in that page yet.

  3. Look for the fundraising page you are going to duplicate. On the right side just beside the View button, click the small dropdown arrow and select Make a Copy. A copy of that page will now be created as a draft.

  4. If you are ready to publish the copy without making any further changes to it, simply click Publish button on top.

  5. To rename the duplicate fundraising page, just click again the small dropdown arrow right beside View, and then select Rename.

See it in action:

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