The URL (link for that page) is generated automatically once you publish a fundraising page based on your campaign name. A long URL may be difficult to remember for certain people, or it may not be to their liking. No worries; when you publish the page for the first time, you can now edit the slug (the part of the URL that comes after the campaign code):

  1. The Shorten Page Link window will appear as soon as you click the Publish button for the first time to publish your campaign, allowing you to personalize your page URL. (Important Note: You only get one chance to do it perfectly, so do it right the first time.) We recommend something succinct but informative. For example, if your fundraising page's name is "Help Us To Buy Tesla," you can alter the slug to "teslacampaign" so that the final URL is rather than the auto-generated original URL

  2. Customize the slug as needed. Make sure there's no space in between words. You may use hyphen or underscore between words instead.

  3. Once you're happy with the new, customized URL of your fundraising page, just hit Publish button to launch the campaign.

See it in action:

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