If you have set up Peer-to-Peer on your fundraising page and an offline donation comes in through the efforts of a specific individual in your organization, you can identify that donation with that person.

To do that, follow the steps indicated below. Note: If you have already manually registered an offline donation, skip to step 4:

  1. Go to Transactions tab in your workspace.

  2. Click on New Transaction.

  3. Enter all the details as needed, then hit Add Transaction to save. The new transaction page appears.

  4. If you aren't already on the new transaction page, go to Transactions and find the offline donation you just recorded, and click it.

  5. In the Fundraising Page section, click the small dropdown arrow next to the View button to pick Edit.

  6. Under Fundraiser Name, select the option to whom the donation will be credited for.

  7. Hit Save.

See it in action:

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