In the previous version of our platform, the only way you can edit a published fundraising page is to "unpublish" it first, and make the changes to it, then publish it again once done. We've realized that's kind of hassle. So, here's the good news! You can now edit a published page real-time! That means, you don't need to close or unpublish a page anymore before you can apply the change you want to see.

To make any changes to a live or published fundraising page, simply go to the published fundraising page you would like to edit. It will then take you to the Preview tab by default. Click on Story tab if you want to make any changes to the text or copy of your fundraising page. You can add, remove, or substitute text, and make further changes to it like you would do in a Microsoft Word. Just don't forget to hit the Save button once you're done with the changes to apply the changes you've made. That easy!

Of course, you can also click on the other tabs on top such as General, Donation Tiers, Goals, etc. if you would like to make changes to those elements of your fundraising page, and just it the Save button right after to apply the changes.

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