Sharing your campaign on your Facebook page is a great way to promote it and reach out to your loyal followers.

Before you create your Facebook campaign, please make sure you already connect your Facebook page to your Kindest account via the Integrations feature.

Here's how you link your Facebook page to Kindest:

  1. Log in to your Kindest account if you haven't done so already.

  2. Go to Settings located in the upper right corner where you see your name and avatar, and click on Integrations in the dropdown options.

  3. Under Integrations, look for Facebook Page in the left navigation menu, then click Connect Facebook Page button, as shown below:

    4. Follow the rest of the the prompts to complete the Facebook Page integration.

Now that your Facebook Page has already been linked to your Kindest account, you can now proceed with creating your Facebook campaign.

To create a Facebook campaign, please follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Hover Outbound tab on top of your Kindest workspace, and select Campaigns from the dropdown options, as shown below:

  2. Under Marketing Campaigns, please click New Campaign button. The Add Campaign window will pop up.

  3. Under the Type field, select Facebook Post on the dropdown option.

  4. Under Name field, type in the name of your Facebook post campaign.

  5. Under Launch Date field, select the date you will launch the campaign.

  6. Under Page field, specify the fundraising page you would like to associate this Facebook campaign to by choosing the appropriate option in the dropdown.

  7. Once done, click on Add Campaign button at the button of the form, as shown below:

  8. After clicking Add Campaign button, the draft will be shown to you. Feel free to add/edit text as needed.

  9. if everything looks good already, click on Schedule Campaign button so this campaign will be posted on your Facebook Page on the date you have selected in step 5.

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