How Kinscape Works

Build Communities, Tell the Stories, Preserve for Future

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Kinscape is a Private Social Network for Your Community

Fun and easy to use!

  • Communities – Create and manage Community groups of any kind here – Families, Common Interest Groups, Teams and more connect through Kinscape.

  • Stories – Tell the real Story! Stories as long or short as you like – create, edit, view, keep Private or Share with a Community.

  • My Life - Create your Member Profile here. My Life is all about you. You control the information about you that others see. Unshared private Stories are stored here. Access your personal repository of media here in My Vault.

  • Vault - A Content repository for you and your Family Members. It includes a private Vault just for you and a shared Community Vault that all invited Community Members can access. Images, audio, video files or documents are stored in these private repositories.

How to Begin

Step One - Start a Story

Step Two - Create a Community and Invite Members

Step Three - Share your Story with a Community

Step Four - Collaborate with your Community Members, keep writing and keep Sharing!

Why Kinscape?

  • Private social network for your Community

  • Collaborate with the people you choose – anyone, anywhere, anytime

  • Community Connections are made and strengthened

  • Increase Community communication and Shared understanding

  • Important Stories and precious memories are captured and preserved

  • Learn about Community Members

  • Memorialize loved ones

  • Capture history as it happens

  • Build the Community collection of images, audio, video and important documents

  • Community collection is shared by invited Community Members

  • Print ready long-form stories enriched with media

  • You own content – download anytime – no advertising

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