Targeting is one of the more complex topics in digital advertising. Not only can Kit help you build ads for your store, but it can also help you leverage the same targeting techniques the big brands use to run successful campaigns. 

Below we'll discuss the different targeting techniques Kit employs to try help grow your business and sales. 

Data - The key to targeting

Data is the single most powerful thing you can have for your business when it comes to targeting. It comes in various forms but in e-commerce, and particularly when it comes to Facebook Ads, the most valuable data you can have is email addresses.

All the different types of targeting have 1 thing in common, they are all powered by data. Understanding this early and getting a head start ensuring you are collecting the maximum amount is vital. Having data is a requirement for some of the things we are about to talk about like Custom Audiences and Lookalikes. 

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences do just as they say, they allow you to customize the specific audience that you want your ad to be seen by. 

Example: Imagine that I own a shoe store. I have customer data (email addresses) from all the people who have shopped with me. I can upload those email addresses into Facebook and Facebook will try to match each email address with that exact person on Facebook. 

Once Facebook finds as many of those people as it can, it creates a Custom Audience. If I target that custom audience with an ad, my ad will only be shown to the people Facebook has matched (in this example, the customers from my shoe store).

Kit automatically builds you a Custom Audience based on the email addresses in the "Customers" section in your Shopify Dashboard. Kit will also update that for you automatically as you collect more data. 

Generally speaking, Kit does not use custom audiences when it creates an advert, but will use that information to build up a Lookalike Audience (see below).  The one exception to this rule is with Dynamic Product Ads, which target folks who have browsed the website.  DPA ads use the Storefront Traffic Custom Audience to retarget folks.

Tip: A great way to build a Custom Audience quickly is uploading emails into Shopify. Here's how: Uploading Customers into Shopify

Lookalike Audiences

While "custom audiences" allow you to target specific people, Lookalike audiences allow you to reach and capture the attention of brand new people who might be interested in your products. 

Lookalike Audiences are designed to amplify a Custom Audience. 

Once a custom audience is built, that audience can be converted into a Lookalike. Facebook will take all the people it has already found in your Custom Audience, analyze them in great detail, then build a model which allows you to target new people who best fit the profile of the folks in your custom audience. 

Example: In the last section, I built a Custom Audience based off of previous customers who had shopped at my shoe store. Let's say I convert that audience into a Lookalike, and run an ad targeting it. My ad will be shown to new people who best fit the profile of my previous customers! 

Lookalike Audiences are at the core of Kit's targeting. Kit will build and update 2 different types of Lookalike audiences (depending on the data that you have):

  1. Shopify Customer Lookalike - targeting new people who best fit the profile of previous customers
  2. Store Visitor Lookalike - targeting new people who best fit the profiles of people who have visited your website (powered by the Facebook Pixel)

Lookalike Audience Requirements:
You must have a Custom Audience with at least 100 data point matches with Facebook AND they must be in a single country. 

Example: I may have a Custom Audience of 200 people, but let's say only 70 of them come from the USA and the rest come from other countries. I can't build a Lookalike... I would need at least 100 matches in the USA (the country I'm targeting with Kit).

Kit only has the ability to build Lookalike Audiences specific to 1 country. This is the country you have set as your default in Kit.

Kit Always Gives Priority to Better Audiences:

Kit will always attempt to use the best valid audience it sees when it launches an advert.  Generally speaking, we find that, while Storefront Traffic Lookalike audiences do well, they are always outperformed by the Paying Customers Lookalike audiences.  As a result, Kit will roll over to use the better targeting once it's got enough information to build that audience.

Want more information? Check out this great blog post on Targeting as well:

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