Congratulations on installing the Kite App! You are just a few clicks away from launching your range of personally designed products. Follow this step-by-step guide to easily get started.

1. First, click on Apps in the Shopify sidebar. 

2. Then, click on 'Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand' in your Installed apps. 

[If you have not yet installed the app, you can do so here]

This will take you to the Product Generator.

3. Upload your first design by clicking on Add New. 

You’ll then be prompted to open an image file from your computer.
Note that it must be an image file and not a pdf. 

In a few seconds, your design will be pasted across our range of products.
Note that the collection is not live or saved until you click ‘Publish Products’, making them available for purchase in your Shopify Store.

4. Enable or disable different products using the toggle on each one. 

You can be as selective (or not) as you like! Disabled product lines will be grayed out - if you change your mind, just click the toggle again. 

5. Edit each item you want in your store by clicking Prices & Edit. 

You’ll be able to select colors (for apparel), image placement, sizes, and product prices.

Spot the difference!

  • Remember to factor in the price of shipping when setting your mark-up - we charge separately for the delivery of the item (you’ll see a table of shipping fees), so it’s up to you to offset the cost onto your customers. You can do this by increasing the profit margin, or by setting up shipping charges in your Shopify settings.

6. When you’re happy with your collection, give it a name (we’ve called ours ‘Kite Demo’), and click Publish Products. 

When you see this screen, you know we’re working on it!

It’ll take us a few minutes to process, but after that the products will go straight to your Shopify inventory, ready to sell to your customers!

You can create as many designs as you like - the only cost to you is when you make a sale! To find out more about how revenues are shared between Kite and you, click here

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