Parents with Young Children

How parents with with young children can use Kith + Kin to organize their kid's health information.

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Kith + Kin helps parents of young children organize the details that only they know so it’s available in a pinch and easily accessible by babysitters, grandparents, and other caregivers.

What you might want to track:

  • Appointments, immunizations, and medications

  • Allergies like infant formula, detergents, medications, and foods

  • Milestones (first step, words, etc. for evaluating developmental delays)

  • Pediatrician and specialist contact info and well visit notes

  • Conditions and any complications in childbirth (for future reference)

  • Feeding, sleeping, and activity schedules

Share all or some information with:

  • Spouse or partner

  • Babysitter or nanny

  • Grandparents or other family that watch the kids

  • Former spouse or co-parent with shared custody

  • Neighbors or other parents when kids visit or stay over

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