Create A Medication List

How to use Kith + Kin to store your medication list

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Think about the last time you went to the doctor. They probably asked you what medications you take. Were you able to tell them an accurate list?

Use notebooks and Smart Items to keep the details of your prescriptions, supplements and over-the-counter medications at your fingertips by creating a medication list in Kith + Kin.

Choose or create a notebook where you want to keep your list. Select "Add Item" and choose "Medication," then complete as much information as you want to add.

(Tip: Create an item for your prescriber before adding your medication item.)

Here's some more of the information Kith + Kin users say they keep in a medication list:

  • Prescriptions and dosing instructions

  • Start date and end date, or expiration if the medication is taken as needed

  • Side effects and other relevant data

  • A photo of the prescription bottle and/or pills themselves

  • Over the counter medications and dosages, along with frequency of use

Not sure where to begin? Just start with the next medication you take.

For your circle: Share your medication list with someone in your inner circle in case you have an emergency and aren't able to communicate your information.

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