Store Notes and Questions for Doctor Visits

User Kith + Kin to prepare for and take notes from doctor visits

Updated over a week ago

When managing an ongoing diagnosis, it's common you'll likely be visiting a specific doctor or specialist often. In Kith + Kin, it's easy to keep your notes and questions in one place and available to your support system so they can have access, help take notes, and add any questions.

Start by creating a Notebook for the particular diagnosis, specialist, or doctor's visit you plan on seeing soon. If you haven't already, add a Smart Item for the practitioner and appointment. Next, add any notes, questions, or important information you'd like to remember during your visit.

Don't worry, it's common to forget everything you'd like to discuss (especially in a stressful situation!), so doctor's are likely to be very understanding when you let them know you're using your phone to check your notes and remember your questions!

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