How To Use Notebooks

How notebooks help you store information in Kith + Kin

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The heart of Kith + Kin is in notebooks.

Your story is what truly powers Kith + Kin and documenting that happens in notebooks. Each notebook functions much like a document you're used to – think Google Docs, a note on your phone, or a piece of paper.

You can create a notebook and come back to it over and over to keep adding more information. Over time, you'll have stories about your health that are far beyond what's in your medical record.

Before we dive in, here's a few quick things to know about notebooks:

  • Notebooks are profile-specific, so your information is easily found based on the person (or pet)

  • Add Smart Items into your notebooks to reference doctors, medications, and more

  • The profile owner can share just an individual notebook, a topic, or an entire profile

  • Keep a notebook private by customizing it's permissions so that only you can see it

Create a notebook

  1. To create a notebook, tap the plus button (if you're not on the profile yet, you'll select one you'd like to add to)

  2. Next, type the name of a notebook you'd like to create

  3. Your new notebook will open and you can begin adding information

Organize a notebook into a topic

Topics are a helpful way to organize notebooks in a profile – kind of like a folder. Topics let you share a handful of notebooks together as well.

To create a Topic:

  1. Open the notebook you'd like to organize

  2. In the header, tap "Select a Topic?"

  3. In the new window, type the name of the topic you'd like to create and tap "Add Topic" or select one that already exists

  4. In your notebook, you'll notice the topic name in the header now

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