What are Smart Items?
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When we were designing Kith + Kin, we knew there were some things we’d want to reference over and over again but needed a method to find them easily. Things like doctors, medications, and allergies that can be found quickly in a health emergency – to documents, appointments, and questions that keep us organized and informed. Smart Items are those important pieces of our health story.

Creating Smart Items

While editing any notebook you have permissions to, just tap the “Add Item” button to bring up the list of items available. We have more Smart Items planned for the future, but currently you can add the following:

  • Medication

  • Practitioner

  • Allergy

  • Photo

  • Document

  • ID Card

  • Visit

  • Question

Tap the item you’d like to create, enter a name or other relevant details, and then Save. In your notebook, you’ll see a link to your Smart Item. You can tap this link anywhere you see it to bring up the items details.


Linking to Smart Items

If you'd like to reference an item again, just tap the "Add Item" button in any notebook, select the type of item, and then start typing the name of the item. You'll see it appear in the list and can add a link.

You'll also notice your recently referenced items will appear at the top of the list when you tap "Add Item".

Now, you can link the same doctor or medication across any notebook in the profile!

Viewing Smart Items

You can easily find any Smart Item you create within the person or pet’s profile. Tap their name on your Home Screen and then navigate to the Summary tab to see a roll-up of all the Smart Items in their profile. This list is across all Topics and Notebooks that you have access to. Here, you can view, edit, and see a feed of places you’ve mentioned the item.

Medication list across all diagnoses for Dad’s new caregiver? ✅

List of upcoming physical therapy appointments?

List of allergies for the babysitter? ✅

Questions from the family to ask your oncologist? ✅

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