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What health information can you store in KinKeeper?
What health information can you store in KinKeeper?
Updated over a week ago

KinKeeper is the perfect place to store, organize, and share your important health information. We have an ever-growing list of set types of information you can add to your profiles, like:

  • Allergies

  • Appointments

  • Conditions

  • Hospitalizations

  • ID Cards

  • Medications

  • Practitioners

  • Procedures

  • Questions

  • Vaccinations

  • Notes

  • Files (documents, photos, etc.)

Each type of info is summarized in a convenient list view by going to the Info tab on a profile. Just tap on the info type to view it’s list, then on the specific item to view more details.

To add a new piece of info:

  1. In the profile in which you’d like to add it to, tap the large plus button on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Tap the type of info you’d like to add

  3. Enter the name or title of the item you’d like to add (Medication name, title of the note, etc.) and click Save

  4. Add any pertinent details on the Details tab of your new item

  5. If you’d like to organize it, move to the Topics tab to tag the item into a topic

Note: You can also add a new item directly from the Info tab of the profile as well!

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