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Getting Started with Kith + Kin
Getting Started with Kith + Kin

Videos to help learn how Kith + Kin works to help you organize your health information

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Here are a few quick videos the help learn the basics about Kith + Kin:

Here's some things you can store in Kith + Kin:

  • Notes from doctor's visits

  • Lists of current medications, practitioners, allergies, and more

  • Important documents like vaccinations, test results, and forms

  • Instructions for other caregivers, babysitters, and pet sitters

  • Journaling of medication reactions or symptoms

  • Notes on therapies, recovery plans, or other ongoing events

Who might you share information with:

  • Partners and co-parents that help manage childcare

  • Siblings and family members that help care for aging parents

  • Babysitters and pet sitters that need temporary or ongoing access to important info

  • Caregivers that need access to health history

  • Young adults and teens getting empowered to advocate for their own health or care for pets and younger siblings

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