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How to create profiles in Kith + Kin

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With Kith + Kin, we aim to be people-focused, so information is organized by profiles. On your Home Screen, you'll see all the profiles of the people and pets that you help care for – including those that you own and ones that have been shared with you by your connections.

Create profiles for people you manage care for, like children, pets, or older adults. Owning a profiles means you’ll have the exclusive ability to share it with others. Profiles cannot be transferred to other users at this time, so make sure you're the best person to own a profile for someone before creating it.

Other adults, like partners, friends, or siblings, will likely want to create their own profiles, so they can manage it themselves. Send a Connection Invite to them so they can create their own account, create their own profile, and you can easily share information back and forth with one another.

To create a profile:

  1. Click the teal plus button from the Home Screen

  2. Click Add Someone New from the popup

  3. Click Create a profile for someone that I'll manage

  4. Follow the prompts to enter their information, then click Create Profile

  5. Your new profile will be on your Home Screen ready to add notebooks and other information!

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