Parents of Children with Special Needs

How parents of children with special needs can use Kith + Kin to organize their child's important information.

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Kith + Kin helps parents of children with special needs advocate for their child by having all their important documents and health info in one central, shareable, and on-the-go location.

What you might want to track:

  • Evaluations and forms from schools or other institutions

  • Copies of and notes on Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plan

  • Meeting dates, notes, and specialist contacts

  • Report cards, progress reports, and standardized tests

  • Behavioral intervention plans and disciplinary notices

  • Plus, any standard health info (like the list for Young Children)

Share all or some information with:

  • Spouse or partner

  • Former spouse or co-parent with shared custody

  • Attorney or advocate

  • Therapist or other specialists

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