Managing Chronic Conditions

How people managing a chronic condition can use Kith + Kin to organize and store their health information.

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Kith + Kin helps people managing a chronic condition for themselves or others track symptoms, store notes, and organize all the information commonly needed for doctor visits so it’s in one centralized and easily shareable location.

What you might want to track:

  • Medication, Condition, Allergy, and Vaccination History

  • Symptoms, notes, side effects, and reactions

  • Doctors, specialists, appointments, and care plans

  • Insurance cards and copies of IDs

  • Diagnositc imaging (CT,X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI's) reports, and labs that you reference often

  • Call logs and questions for doctors and specialists

  • Surgeries, procedures, and hospitalization notes and discharge details

Share all or some information with:

  • Spouse or partner

  • Siblings or other family members

  • Adult children

  • Friends and others in your support circle

  • For kids, other caregivers and babysitters

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