SMS notifications allow our members to discuss the logistics of a rental through text messaging. Many of our members are active filmmakers and are on set or on the move constantly. Text messaging tends to be much more responsive than emails.

Don't worry, your contact info is kept private. Addresses and Phone Numbers are only shared after a rental has been confirmed and payment has been made.

The Default setting on every account is to have SMS notifications turned on. All you need to do is enter your cell phone number into the "Cell Number" field on your profile.

From any Kitsplit page click on your image in the top right corner, then click on "Profile." On the top right of that page click "Edit Profile". This will bring you to the "Profile Info" Tab and the "Cell Number" field is 4th down from the top.
Then on the left click on the "Account Settings" tab and double check that the SMS notifications button is still checked. 

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