In the very rare case that a renter never returns the equipment, and it has not been lost or stolen from the renter, this is termed “voluntary parting.” In this case, the renter has broken the agreement in the KitSplit terms of use. Many law enforcement agencies and insurance companies consider this fraud, theft by fraud, or theft by false pretenses.  

No rental insurance purchased by the renter will cover voluntary parting.  This is because insurance companies don’t cover fraudulent clients.  It’s also because the renter is the client, and if the renter turns out to be fraudulent, the insurance company cannot file a claim against their own client.  For the same reasons, the short term rental insurance and damage waiver available on KitSplit are industry standard and do not cover voluntary parting. They do however cover theft from the renter, as well as damage to the gear, or loss of the gear.  Theft must be proven with a police report, and loss must have ample evidence. More details on coverage and exclusions here

How to protect your gear from voluntary parting

Voluntary parting is extremely rare on KitSplit, and affects .02% of rentals. However we do recommend that owners opt into the KitSplit Owner Guarantee. The KitSplit Owner Guarantee offers KitSplit gear owners per-project voluntary parting coverage, for gear worth up to $20,000. You’ll be prompted to opt into this coverage when you accept a rental on KitSplit. Learn more about the program here

We recommend that all owners concerned about voluntary parting get owner’s insurance that includes voluntary parting coverage. 

How likely is voluntary parting on KitSplit?

At KitSplit we have gone to great lengths to build a trustworthy community that treats gear and members well. We have built an extremely effective vetting system that keeps the vast majority of fraudulent people off kitsplit.  As a result the risk of voluntary parting is .02%. 

Here are some of the safety measures we’ve built to protect you and your gear:

  1. 40-point risk assessment vetting system that all members must pass in order to transact on the platform
  2. Upload a government issued photo ID and a photo of your face next to the ID. Our team manually checks these IDs, and the system verifies that the information is accurate and the IDs are real. 
  3. Our system uses machine learning as well as human review to track and stop any unusual or suspect behavior on KitSplit.
  4. Our payment processor verifies that the credit card is valid and matches identification information.
  5. All of our renters are required to have rental insurance that covers the equipment they are renting.  Renters can purchase insurance through KitSplit and our partner Heffins at check-out.  If a renter submits third party coverage, our team works with the insurance company to verifiy that it is valid. 
  6. Renters renting high value gear must provide references and additional information, which our team verifies.
  7. All renters and owners rate and review each other after each rental. KitSplit may remove members who receive low ratings or reviews that indicate suspect or inappropriate behavior.

Questions? Concerns? We're here to help. Chat us or email us contact@kitsplit.comor call us at 917.722.6792—we're always happy to hear from you! 

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