We are serious about vetting and safety at KitSplit. 

The KitSplit Vetting system is a custom 40+ point risk assessment designed to ensure our community is comprised of high quality trustworthy members. It’s incredibly effective at keeping bad actors off the platform. It has prevented millions of dollars worth of thefts.  

The KitSplit vetting system combines machine learning algorithms harnessing a vast network of data on fraud prevention, along with the human review.  Every person who rents on KitSplit has been reviewed by our team. Plus we don’t just vet the renter once, we vet them every time they rent. This means our community is high quality, trustworthy, and professional.

To vet KitSplit members, we collect personal information (like a state issued photo ID, address, phone number, birth date) and use automated tools as well as KitSplit team reviews to verify that it is accurate. Sometimes it takes a day or two. If you are in a rush, we can expedite the process! Just email us at contact@kitsplit.com or chat us.

For more information about what KitSplit does to protect you on our blog:

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