KitSplit is committed to ensuring a safe and trustworthy community. One of the many ways do this is by thoroughly vetting the identity of our members. Verifying identity provides peace of mind and security. 

We use Blockscore, a global identity verification agency, to verify your identity. The last four digits of your social security number are used only by Blockscore for this purpose (read more about our privacy policy and how we work to protect your personal information and ensure that information is kept private and secure here: 

For your convenience, this vetting process is quick and easy. We will ask for basic personal information like name, address, birthday, and last four digits of your SSN. This information is securely transmitted to Blockscore.  This ID check is not a credit check and has no effect on credit ratings. We also ask for your driver's license.

If Blockscore is unable to verify you, we may ask for additional information such as a picture of you holding your driver's license and your CV or LinkedIn page.

We're proud to have the industry's best vetting and identity verification system. 

For more information about what KitSplit does to protect you on our blog:

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