Activities can be scheduled from the main Activity page or directly on the Contact, Company, or Deal record. 

Step 1: Open up the Contact, Company, or Deal record, or click Platform, then Activities from your Dashboard. 

Step 2: Click Schedule Activity.

Step 3: Set up your Activity. 

  • Choose which Activity is to be scheduled. Your Activity Type must already be set up.

  • Choose the Due Date and Time.

  • Click [+] Add Notification to add an email or text notification to the Team Member assigned. You can add as many notifications as you like.

  • Assign your Activity to a specific Team Member.

  • Add any Notes that might be helpful for that Activity. This is extra useful if one Team Member is scheduling an Activity for another. 

  • Activities can be associated with a Contact, Company, or Deal. Choose which one this applies to.

  • Select the Contact, Company, or Deal associated with this Activity.

Step 5: Click Save to schedule your activity.

On your main Activities page, you'll see a list of scheduled Activities. 

Once your Scheduled Activity is complete, click complete to log your Activity.

You can also schedule an Activity from the Activity dashlet in your dashboards, as well as by checking the box "Schedule another activity" at the bottom of an Activity completion box.

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