The Kizen marketing calendar allows you to organize and schedule date-specific communications from one central location. 

From the calendar, you can schedule a text, email, and automation to trigger for all of your contacts or a specific contact group. You can even post to your connected Facebook or Twitter.

Step 1: To schedule a Broadcast, click Platform

Step 2: Click Broadcasts from the drop-down menu. 

Step 3: Click Schedule Broadcast.

Step 4: Fill out the form to set up your Broadcast. The form will pull up the following fields: 

  • Date & Time: Choose the exact time of your Broadcast based on the timezone in your Business Settings

  • Communication Type: Choose whether to send an Email, Text, Start An Automation, or post to Facebook or Twitter.

  • Send to Contact Group: Choose to send your Broadcast to All Contacts or a previously created Contact Group.

  • From: If you're scheduling an email, select the From email address from the drop-down menu of Team Members on your Kizen account. 

  • Email: If you're scheduling an email, click Choose Email to open up your Message Library and choose a previously created template or click New Email. Click here to learn more about designing new emails

  • Text: If you're scheduling a Text, enter your text body here. 

  • Automation: If you're scheduling an Automation to be triggered, choose which one from the list of your previously created Automations

  • Facebook Post: If you're scheduling a post, enter your body here.

  • Tweet: If you're scheduling a tweet, enter your tweet here.

  • Image: If you'd like to include an image with your social media post, click Choose Image. Select from your Image Library or click Upload a File.

Step 5: Click Save Broadcast and you'll now be able to see your Broadcast on your Marketing Calendar. 

To delete or edit Broadcasts, simply click the Broadcast you want to edit from the calendar, or click Edit next to the Broadcast under Upcoming on the left menu.

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