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Everything you need to know about Klink Tickets
Everything you need to know about Klink Tickets

Introduction to Klink tickets, bonus tickets, referrals and more.

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Klink`s Prize-linked platform is the perfect place to hold crypto & earn rewards.

What are Klink tickets?

Users get a daily recurring ticket for every $25 in token value held in their account. Each of these tickets gives a chance to win prizes ranging from a couple of cents up to $100.000 through a prize draw held daily.
Once a draw is completed new tickets are auto-populated to each user, akin to how much they hold in deposit within their account.

What is the difference in the numbers?

There are 7 numbers on each Ticket. The first 6, blue, numbers are drawn from a pool between 1-60 and the order of the drawn numbers does not matter for your Tickets to win prizes. The final number, which is red and also called Klink Number is drawn from a pool between 1 to 25. It is the most valuable to match. Fingers crossed!

What are bonus tickets?

Klink wants you to win! That's why Klink gives out Bonus Tickets in the app for many different actions like referring friends. Bonus tickets will be unlocked directly to participate in the next draw and are a one-time bonus.

What happens to my tickets If I deposit after the draw has started?

If you deposit before 3pm CET, your tickets will directly participate in the next draw. Tickets you get from depositing after 3pm will participate in all draws starting from the next day.

Can I really never lose?

You really can't lose and there is no catch. Even if you don't win a prize, your funds are still available to you at all times at your discretion. If your Tickets are winners during the prize draw, prizes will be available in your account every draw from 3.30 pm CET.

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