Asset  are the components that you can add as part of your courses. They include text articles, recorded video, YouTube video, quizzes etc. all of which help you to make a course more informative and interactive. In this post, we are going to understand how to add a new article to your course.

1) Navigate to Assets in the KloudLearn Dashboard

2) Click on Add+ button

3) Select Create Article and you will be taken to page with CMS text editor
4) Enter the Title of the article

5) Enter the contents of the article below the title

6) To embed an image or a video into the article, click on any part of the body of the article to view a plus button. Click on the button to choose the type of media you wish to add.

8) You can preview the article by clicking on Preview button

9) Or you can publish the article by clicking the Publish button

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