Here are the steps to create a new course -

  1. Navigate to Courses in KloudLearn dashboard.

2. Click on the '+ New Course' button.

3. Click on KloudLearn course.

4. Add a course title, course description, course subtopic and upload a cover image for the course.

5. Start adding lessons to the course by clicking the Add Lesson + button and provide a title for the lessons.

6. To add an asset to a lesson, click on the 'Add Asset' or 'Click here' button.

7. Select one or more assets from the subsequent page.

8. If you do not want to add an asset, you can directly add a document, quiz, article, video from the video library or record a new video.

9. Now configure the settings of the course. The different settings available are -



Publish Settings

This setting determines the start date and end date of the courses. The course will be accessible to the learners from the start date and will cease to be accessible from the end date. You also have an option to make it publishable or not publishable through a button.

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings of a course enable you to decide who can access the course. Apart from selecting the privacy settings of a course while creating it, you can always modify it at a later point in time for an existing course.

Completion Settings

The completion settings of a course enable you to decide how a course is completed by a learner.

Assessment Settings

This setting determines the pass percentage of assessment linked to the course.

Certificate Settings

This helps you to manage whether a certificate has to be issued upon course completion. If yes, you can also select the default certificate.

Assign Skills

This helps you to assign skills and points to a course that can be used for gamification purposes.

10. Check the summary of the course in the next page in the form of course agenda

11. The last step is to assign the courses to relevant users and groups, choose the groups or Individual users to whom you want to assign the course here.

12. Click finish and save the course.

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