A course can be accessed only when you assign it to a group or an individual user. Apart from assigning a new course to a group, you can always reassign an existing course to another group. Do note that you can edit the course only if you are the creator of the course. You cannot edit it for courses created by other admins in the organization. Here are the steps to do that -

1) Navigate to courses in KloudLearn dashboard.

2) Select the course you wish to modify from My Courses

3) Click on the three dots that you find beside the course title.

4) Click on the assign option from the drop-down menu.

5) In the Assignment Page, Select Groups Tab.

6) Choose one or more Groups from the list by selecting the checkboxes or by searching it by names.

7) Click on Confirm & Finish to apply the changes in Assignment. The course will be now assigned to the selected Groups automatically.

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