Once you create and publish a course in KloudLearn Platform it turns out to be an Active Course. Note you can’t make any changes on a published course or on an Active Course.

Clone Option is used for editing the course which is already published.

Here are the steps to do cloning for an active course-

1. Navigate to courses in KloudLearn dashboard

2. Select the course you wish to clone under My Courses-Active tab.

3. Click on the three dots beside the title of the selected course.

4. Select the clone option from the dropdown.

5. Once you click on to the clone option you will receive a pop up saying “course cloned and saved in the draft successfully” .

6. Click on the pop up to view the cloned course or can check on the Course Filter and choose Draft Courses.

Note all the Active Courses in the platform after cloning will be available in the Draft Courses were you can do the needed editing.

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