This report helps assess training performance at the Course Level.

Administrators can analyze training metrics such as course completion rates, learners engagement and more.

How administrators can access the Course Reports?

  • Navigate to Reports in the KloudLearn Sidebar

  • Select the Create Report drop down button

  • Select Course report

  • Enter a Report Name

  • Choose the list of courses you would like to generate a report for.

  • Add the all the necessary fields like Course Date, Course Status, Start Date, Due Date etc

  • Proceed to select Next

  • The Administrator now has a preview of the report, where you can also download the report in CSV format

  • The Admin can set the frequency of the report that he can schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Add the email addresses of the stakeholders you would like the report to be sent to.

  • Proceed to the Schedule Report tab where you can select the frequency of the report- daily, weekly, monthly along with other custom date and time parameters like Start Time, Day of the Week etc

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