View this report to gain insights into learner performance across their quizzes, assessments, and more.

This is an important report for Administrators as it helps identify knowledge and skill gaps for learners across training courses.

How administrators can access the Assessment Reports?

  • Navigate to Reports in the KloudLearn Sidebar

  • Select the Create Report drop-down button

  • Select Assessment Report

  • Enter a Report Name and a Course Name.

  • The Administrator has a preview of the report, which includes the quiz name, pass requirement, score percentage, quiz results, attempts, and more. This report can be downloaded via CSV format

  • Proceed to the Schedule Report tab where you can select the frequency of the report- daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Enter the email address that you would like the schedule the report to. The Assessment report will be sent out to the particular stakeholders at the specified date and time.

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