Knoq has data on more than 270,000,000 American adults. And beyond that, we can probably get you any data you need! 

Here's a quick look at our Standard Data and Consumer Behavioural Data (at the bottom) points.

Data Available in a Standard File

Individual ID
Voter ID
Registered To Vote
Landline Area Code
Landline Phone Number
Cell Phone
Do Not Call
Time Zone
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Name Suffix
Address ID
House Number
Pre Direction
Street Name
Street Suffix
Post Direction
Unit Designator
Unit Designator Number
Primary Address
Secondary Address
Secondary Address Present
City Name
City Name Abbr
Zip Code
Zip4 (Zip Code Extension)
Carrier Route
Delivery Point Check Digit
Census Tract
Census Block
Census Block Group
Lat Long Geo RC Code
County Code
County Name
District Congressional
District State Senate
District State House
District Legislative
CSA Code
DMA Zone
DMA Code
Age Code
Inferred Age
Date of Birth - Year
Date of Birth - Month
Date of Birth - Day
Marital Status
Occupation Group
Occupation of Person
Ethnic Code
Ethnic Group
Hispanic Country Code
Assimilation Codes
Language Code
Religion Code
Education of Person
Business Owner
Investments Personal
Political Ideology
Dwelling Type
Homeowner Probability Model
Length Of Residence Code
Number Of Persons In Unit
Single Parent
Christian Families
Working Woman
African American Professional
SOHO Indicator
TV Sat Dish
Residential Delivery Indicator
Home Swimming Pool
Home Air Conditioning
Home Heating System
Home Sewer
Home Water
CRA Income Classification Code
Census Median Home Value
Census Median HH Income
Property Home Square Footage
Property Land Square Footage
Estimated Income Code
Household Net Worth
Presence Of CC
Presence Of Gold Plat CC
Presence Of Premium CC
Presence Of Upscale Retail CC
Presence Of Bankcard
Gas Dept Retail CC
American Express CC
Credit Rating
Household Number Lines Of Credit
Credit Range Newcredit
American Express Gold Plat
Discover Gold Premium
Discover Regular
Gas Retail CC Gold Premium
Mastercard Gold Premium
Mastercard Regular
Visa Gold Premium
Visa Regular
Travel Entertainment CC
CC Holder Type Unknown
CC New Issue
Investments Est Re Properties Owned
Presence Of Children
Number Of Children
Children Age 00 02
Children Age 00 02 Male
Children Age 00 02 Female
Children Age 00 02 Unknown
Children Age 03 05
Children Age 03 05 Male
Children Age 03 05 Female
Children Age 03 05 Unknown
Children Age 06 10
Children Age 06 10 Male
Children Age 06 10 Female
Children Age 06 10 Unknown
Children Age 11 15
Children Age 11 15 Male
Children Age 11 15 Female
Children Age 11 15 Unknown
Children Age 16 17
Children Age 16 17 Male
Children Age 16 17 Female
Children Age 16 17 Unknown
Inferred HH Rank
Number Of Adults
Generations In HH
Males 18 24
Females 18 24
Unknown Gender 18 24
Males 25 34
Females 25 34
Unknown Gender 25 34
Males 35 44
Females 35 44
Unknown Gender 35 44
Males 45 54
Females 45 54
Unknown Gender 45 54
Males 55 64
Females 55 64
Unknown Gender 55 64
Males 65 74
Females 65 74
Unknown Gender 65 74
Males 75 Plus
Females 75 Plus
Unknown Gender 75 Plus
Young Adult In HH
Senior Adult In HH
Family ID
Has Email
Home Purchase Price
Home Purchase Price Code
Home Purchase Month
Home Purchase Day
Home Purchase Year
Home Year Built
Home Est Current Value Code
PASS Prospector Home Value Mortgage File
Home Mortgage Amount
Home Mortgage Amount Code
Home Mortgage Rate
Home Mortgage Type
Purchase Mortgage Date
Purchase Lender Code
Most Recent Lender Code
Home Mortgage Lender Known
Home Mortgage Lender Name
Most Recent Mortgage Interest Rate
Home Mortgage Loan Type
Home Transaction Type
Home Deed Date of Refinance Year
Home Deed Date of Refinance Month
Home Deed Date of Refinance Day
Home Refinance Lender Known
Home Refinance Lender Name
Home Refinance Amount
Home Refinance Amount Code
Home Refinance Rate Type
Home Refinance Loan Type
Purchase 2nd Mortgage Amount
Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Date
Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Loan Type Code
Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate Type
Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Amount
Purchase 2nd Mortgage Loan Type Code
Most Recent 2nd Lender Code
Most Recent 2nd Lender Name
Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate
Mortgage Loan To Value Ratio
Auto Buy New Interest
Auto Buy Used Interest
Auto Buy Used Next 5 Months
Auto Buy Used 6 Months Plus
Area Below Poverty Level Families
Area Below Poverty Level Percent Unemployed
Area Health Insurance Coverage No Health Insurance Coverage
Area Percent Unemployed
Area Commuting to Work Car Truck Van Drove Alone
Area Commuting to Work Car Truck Van Carpooled
Area Commuting to Work Public Transit Excluding Taxi
Area Commuting to Work Walked
Area Commuting to Work Other Means
Area Commuting to Work Work at Home
Area Occupation Management Business Science and Arts
Area Occupation Natural Resources Construction Maintenance
Area Occupation Production Transportation Material Moving
Area Occupation Sales Office
Area Occupation Service
Area Industry Agriculture Forestry Fishing Hunting Mining
Area Industry Arts Entertainment Recreation Accommodation Food Services
Area Industry Construction
Area Industry Educational Services Healthcare Social Assistance
Area Industry Finance Insurance Real Estate Rental Leasing
Area Industry Information
Area Industry Manufacturing
Area Industry Other Services Except Public Administration
Area Industry Professional Scientific Management Administrative Waste Mgt
Area Industry Public Administration
Area Industry Retail Trade
Area Industry Transportation Warehousing Utilities
Area Industry Wholesale Trade
Area Class of Worker Private Wages Salary Workers
Area Class of Worker Government Workers
Area Class of Worker Self Employed Non Incorporated Business Workers
Area Class of Worker Unpaid Family Workers
Area Income Benefits HH Less Than $10000
Area Income Benefits HH $10000 $14999
Area Income Benefits HH $15000 $24999
Area Income Benefits HH $25000 $34999
Area Income Benefits HH $35000 $49999
Area Income Benefits HH $50000 $74999
Area Income Benefits HH $75000 $99999
Area Income Benefits HH $100000 $149999
Area Income Benefits HH $150000 $199999
Area Income Benefits HH $200000+
Area Income Benefits Earningsfromsalarywages
Area Income Benefits Earnings From Social Security
Area Income Benefits Earnings From Retirement Income
Area Income Benefits Earnings From Supplemental Security Income
Area Income Benefits Earnings From Cash Public Assistance Income
Area Income Benefits Food Stamps SNAP Benefits Past 12 Months
Area Income Benefits Families Less Than $10000
Area Income Benefits Families $10000 $14999
Area Income Benefits Families $15000 $24999
Area Income Benefits Families $25000 $34999
Area Income Benefits Families $35000 $49999
Area Income Benefits Families $50000 $74999
Area Income Benefits Families $75000 $99999
Area Income Benefits Families $100000 $149999
Area Income Benefits Families $150000 $199999
Area Income Benefits Families $200000+
Number Of Sources

Consumer Behavioral Data

Apparel Childrens
Apparel Infant Toddlers
Apparel Mens Big Tall
Apparel Mens
Apparel Petite
Apparel Womens
Apparel Womens Plus Size
Apparel Young Mens
Apparel Young Womens
High End Appliances
Music Home Stereo
Arts And Antiques
Arts Art
Theater Performing Arts
Auto Work
Automotive Buff
Autoparts Accessories
Aviation Int
Books Magazines
Book Buyer
Book Reader
Books Music Books
Books Music Audio
Reading General
Reading Mags
Reading Audio Books
Career Int
Pets Cats
Childrens Babycare
Childrens Learning Toys
Childrens Back To School
Membership Club
Collectibles Antiques
Collectibles Arts
Collector Avid
Collectibles Coins
Collectibles General
Military Memorabilia Weapons
Collectibles Sports Memorabilia
Collectibles Stamps
Computer Owner
Consumer Electronics
Computer Home Office
Electronics Computers
Cooking Enthusiast
Cooking General
Foods Natural
Cosmetics Beauty
Crafts Hobbies Buyer
Craft Int
Pets Dogs
Do It Yourselfers DYI
DVD Videos
Education Online
High Tech Leader
Exercise Enthusiast
Female Merch Buyer
News Financial
Gaming Int
Games Board Puzzles
Gaming Casino
Gardening Farming Buyer
Golf Enthusiast
Collect Special Foods Buyer
Health And Beauty
Exercise Aerobic
Exercise Health Grouping
Exercise Running Jogging
Exercise Walking
Dieting Weightloss
Health Medical
Self Improvement
Career Improvement
Home Decor Enthusiast
Home Improvement Grouping
Equestrian Int
House Plants
Investments Foreign
Investing Finance Grouping
Investments Realestate
Invest Stock Securities
Invest Active
Jewelry Buyer
Common Living
Cultural Arts Living
DIY Living
Highbrow Living
Professional Living
Home Living
Sporty Living
Upscale Living
Broader Living
Lifestyle Passion Collectibles
Movie Collector
Games PC Games
Arts Int
Home And Garden
Photography Video Equip
Home Furnishings Decor
Home Improvement
Sports Leisure
Luggage Buyer
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Responder
Male Merch Buyer
History Military
Electronics Movies Int
Music Avid Listener
Music Collector
Musical Instruments
Music Player Device
Online Buyer
Opportunity Seekers
Outdoor Enthusiast
Outdoor Sports Lover
Parenting Int
Childrens General
Grandchildren Int
Pets Multi
Photography Int
Current Affairs Politics
Reading Sci Fi
Religious Inspiration
Religious Mags
Science Space
Sewing Knitting Needlework
Sports Auto Motorcycle Racing
Sports Baseball
Sports Basketball
Boating Sailing
Camping Hiking
Sports Football
Sports Grouping
Outdoor Grouping
Sports Hockey
Active Motorcycle
Active Nascar
Scuba Diving
Hunting Shooting
Active Snow Skiing
Sports Soccer
Active Tennis
Sports TV Sports
Sweepstakes Int
Travel Int
Travel Cruises
Travel Domestic
Travel Grouping
Travel Intl
Value Hunter
Veteran In HH
Games Video
Food Wines
Donor Animal Welfare
Donor Arts Cultural
Charitable Contributor
Donor Childrens Causes
Donor By Mail
Donor Environmental
Donor Environmental Issues
General Contributor
Health Institution Contributor
Donor International Aid
Donor Political Conservative
Political Contributor
Donor Political Liberal
Donor Misc Charitable
Donor Community Charity
Religious Contributor
Donor Veterans

Predictive Models

  • Presidential Approval
  • Tax Reform
  • Infrastructure Spending
  • Opioid Crisis Importance
  • Autonomous Cars
  • Medicare Expansion
  • Mail Readership
  • Movie Goers
  • Civil Liberties
  • TV Viewership
  • Income Inequality
  • Green Consumers
  • Civic Engagement
  • Trump Impeachment
  • School Funding
  • Supreme Court Confirmation
  • Social Media Usage
  • Social Media Frequency
  • Likely Republican Primary Voter Opposing Trump
  • Russian Interference
  • Internet Privacy
  • Pence Approval
  • Affordable Housing
  • Corporate Bailouts
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Casinos
  • Pro-Choice/Pro-Life
  • Church Attendance
  • Pathway to Citizenship
  • Citizens United (Campaign Finance)
  • Civil Liberties
  • Death Penalty
  • Ballot Drop Off
  • Drug Price Controls
  • Voter Fraud
  • Social Security Income Cap
  • Felon Voting Rights
  • Immigrations and Customs (ICE)
  • DACA/Dreamers
  • Gentrification
  • Minority Candidates
  • Pipelines
  • SCOTUS Most Important Issue
  • Republicans on Trump
  • Early vs. Election Day Voter
  • Ticket Splitter
  • Trump—Uncomfortable Supporting
  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy
  • Fracking
  • Gun Laws
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Genetically Modified Food
  • Donald Trump Supporters
  • Humanitarian Intervention
  • Hunting and Fishing Amendments
  • Fiscal Conservative/Liberal
  • Social Conservative/Liberal
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Gay Marriage
  • Mexican Border Wall
  • Military Intervention
  • Tea Party
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Transgender Bathrooms
  • Trump—Proud to Support
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Momentum Support for Candidate
  • Muslim Ban
  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Online Gaming
  • Party Strong Democrat/Republican
  • Party Democrat/Republican
  • Party Primary
  • Public Transportation
  • Redistricting
  • Rideshare User
  • Rideshare Encourage
  • Right to Work
  • School Choice
  • Common Core
  • Likely Sanders Primary Supporter
  • Female Candidate Preferred
  • $15 Minimum Wage
  • Moderate Third Party
  • Mueller Investigation
  • Bernie Sanders Supporters
  • Most Trusted Cable TV Source
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Economic Anxiety
  • Gas Tax
  • Guarantee Jobs
  • #MetToo

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