To get started with KYT, here are the steps you'll want to take...

#1: 🔑 Log in to Know Your Team

Use your work email address and log into KYT here:

#2: 🏡 Create a new "Team"

Once you log in, you'll want to create a team for you and your direct reports by clicking the + next to "Teams":

You can also add a team from the "Teams" menu by:

  1. Clicking "Teams"

  2. Clicking the button "Create a new team" here:

You'll get taken to a screen where you'll enter your Team Name, and an optional team description if you'd like.

(You can also choose to make your team private – this means only you, members of your team, and the account owner(s) will be able to view your team's activity. For example, oftentimes a "Leadership Team" will be made private.)

To save your team, be sure to click the purple button, "Create team."

That's it! 💫 Now what?

Now that you've created your team, you'll want to kick off KYT with your direct reports...

Ready to get started? Login + create a brand new team here.

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