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How to use Google Pay to simplify your shopping with KodyPay

Written by Elizabeth Kozlowska
Updated over a week ago

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment app; developed by Google for Android phone, tablet or watch users. Google Pay works similarly to Apple Pay, and allows you to pay on any android device: storing your card details.

How does Google Pay work?

Choose Google Pay as your preferred payment method on KodyPay when you go to checkout. Then make sure that the billing, delivery, and contact information is correct. Confirm the payment, and when successful, the word “Done” and a tick will appear on your screen.

How do I activate Google Pay?

To use Google Pay, you must ensure your phone is fully updated. The version of your Android device must be updated to at least 7.0 to support both Google Pay and KodyPay. Once you’re there, download Google Pay, open the app, and follow set up instructions. Your payment method will then be activated and ready for use with KodyPay, along with a host of other platforms.

What are the costs of Google Pay?

None at all. When you pay using Google Pay in a shop, it is treated in the same way that your card would be treated. The actual transaction classification may vary between shopping in-person and online, but rest assured you won’t be charged extra for using Google Pay.

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