Use Alipay as a Chinese National with KodyPay

Written by Elizabeth Kozlowska
Updated over a week ago

What is Alipay?

Alipay is the most popular mobile payment app in Asia. Millions of transactions are processed using AliPay in China each day. Alipay is a convenient way to make quick, contact-free payments on your phone in physical shops and online. To use Alipay on KodyPay, you must be a Chinese citizen, be registered, and have the Alipay app downloaded along with the KodyPay app.

How does Alipay work?

Alipay allows you to save your financial details on the app so you can use your mobile phone to make payments rather than cash or bank card. Alipay is widely used in China to pay in shops and online, as well as receive international money transfers. If you are based in China, this is likely already your predominant payment method.

Why does KodyPay use Alipay?

Chinese nationals in the UK currently have to withdraw cash from a UK bank to be able to make payments. This is mostly due to legislation blockers around how payments are processed in each country. Since Alipay is a China-based payment method and financial details are managed within China, these restrictions don’t apply when shopping with Alipay in the UK. KodyPay uses Alipay as a solution to help Chinese nationals make payments in the UK while the current social climate remains.

How do I use Alipay?

Go ahead and shop and order on the KodyPay app as normal! If your device has the Alipay app installed, it will automatically be available as a checkout method in KodyPay. If it isn't, you can change this on your KodyPay payment method section. Once added, you can choose Alipay when checking out via KodyPay as your chosen payment method.

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