What is KodyPay?

Discover what the KodyPay app is, how it is used, and why it is important

Written by Elizabeth Kozlowska
Updated over a week ago

KodyPay is a multi-use mobile point of sale application, which focuses on making payments easier. KodyPay enables contact-free checkout by allowing users to pay on their phone through multiple options of checkout flows. These flows include click and collect, self-checkout, QR codes, and over the counter payments. This makes checkout seamless, secure, and quick for the customer.

The KodyPay app also saves merchants money by reducing transaction fees. KodyPay is revolutionising the current complicated payment process by incorporating all stages into one app for the merchant. The merchant can create their own checkout experience on the application and track customer insights, which will improve their targeted sales.

KodyPay also reduces the environmental impact of payments because everything is all online - even paper receipts are replaced with e-receipts. In the long term, KodyPay seeks to remove all bulk hardware, such as tills, to reduce the environmental impact of technology.

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