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How do I contact KodyPay?
How do I contact KodyPay?

Get in touch with the KodyPay team if you need any help from us

Written by Elizabeth Kozlowska
Updated over a week ago

You can contact KodyPay via our live chat, which you will find on the bottom of the page by clicking on the speech bubble. This will take you to a real person who will typically respond in minutes. This is the most efficient way to speak with us, as it uses instant messaging. All the same, you can contact us by Twitter DMs or Facebook Messenger, and we can reply relatively quickly.

However, if you would rather, you can contact us by email. For support issues, please email For anything else, please email

Alway remember that whenever you communicate with us about account updates or sensitive information, we may ask for a partial piece of your personal information to verify it's actually you speaking to us. We will never directly get in contact with you to ask this information from you up front. The most secure way to message us is directly through the KodyPay app.

It is always better to be cautious with your personal information online. We have a variety of mechanisms to prove that we're from KodyPay, which any potential impersonators will not have. If in doubt, please ask us directly for more information.

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