Create your own questions to send as an assignment to your students. Once the questions are created, it will show up in your question list with your initials on them. Other teachers in your school that teach the same subject will also have access to them, so you also have the chance to send them to their students. More questions = more practice! Then, just like our own questions, Kognity will automatically grade the assignments and send you the results.

Here is a video showing how to create a question:

Step by step guide

  1. Log in to Kognity

  2. Click on the ‘Create assignment link’ on the lower right portion of the class information and choose either ‘Question assignment’ or ‘Exam-style assignment’ from the drop down menu:

  3. Create either an exam style question assignment (long answer questions that students cannot submit their answers to via the platform) or a question assignment

  4. Click "Add question"


  5. Create your question, answers, and explanation and fill in the details. You can add images, formulas, symbols, and links in the questions and explanations.

  6. Link your question to the related subtopic of the book.

  7. Click "Save."


  1. If you're making short text questions in a question assignment, make sure the answer is only 1-2 words! The students will need to type it exactly the same as your answer to get it right. However, answers are not case-sensitive (i.e. Sweden and sweden will both be marked correct).

  2. If you're adding images, you can resize them by clicking on the bottom right corner and dragging it out or in.

Features available when creating your own question

  • Style Editor: bold, italic, underline.

  • Text-align options (left, center, right)

  • Insert bulleted or numbered lists

  • Add URLs

  • Superscript and Subscript characters

  • Insert special characters

  • Typesetting mathematics with LaTex

Beta version limitations

  • You cannot yet bulk upload questions 

  • You cannot yet have multiple correct answers to a short text question (i.e. monkey and monkeys), so questions either need to specify how to answer, or you can opt for multiple choice.

Any questions or feedback? Please reach out to and we're here to help! 

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