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Latest Product Update / 11. 09. 2020
Latest Product Update / 11. 09. 2020


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Our product team worked hard this week on making your life with Kontentino even easier!

Here are 3 small but very cute 🥰 updates that will help you with streaming your social media management.

You can now create and schedule LinkedIn posts with an animated GIF. It's time to make your LinkedIn wall more funky and eye-catching!

2. See the whole copy of IGTV posts in the preview modal.

From now on, you can see the complete copy of your IGTV post in its preview modal. Simply click the headline and have a great overview of the copy, no matter how long it is.

3. New Cancel button in the post edit window.

Editing a post but you suddenly realize that it was perfect the way it was? Click the Cancel button and you will return to the previously SAVED version.

Hope you liked our little 🎁 made just for you and see you next week with new updates! 👋


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