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Latest Product Update / 25. 09. 2020
Latest Product Update / 25. 09. 2020


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Hello friends! 👋

Introducing Blank profiles! Add social media profiles manually without connecting your account. 🌟

Just click on "Create Manually", name the profile and upload a logo (optional). Your blank profile is ready to be used!

How can Blank profiles be useful?

  • Win tenders by creating mockups of your social media strategy. Show clients how exactly their social media content will look, even including their brand logo! Doesn't matter you have no access to their profiles yet.

  • Create briefs for your existing clients and send them for their approval.

  • Send for approval other mediums, such as blog posts or posts for social media networks not currently supported by Kontentino.

  • Use all functionalities of the Calendar.

Whenever you're ready to schedule your posts, you can easily associate profiles from the post's preview modal or Profile Settings.

We wish you happy testing! 💪 🤗


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